Police Officer Foils Criminal Plan…

to see a mother-in-law before she died in the hospital:

The video shows what happened after Moats, who plays for the Houston Texans, rolled through a red light in Dallas en route to Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano. Powell switched on his lights and sirens, caught up to the family’s SUV, and followed for about 20 seconds as they found a parking spot near the hospital’s emergency entrance.

Moats’ mother-in-law, 45-year-old Jonetta Collinsworth, had been struggling with breast cancer. That night family members received word that they needed to hurry to the hospital because she was dying.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the 15 minute lecturing (during which the mother-in-law died) is the fact that the officer drew his gun…at the driver’s wife. If you watch the video, you’ll see that Moats was very respectful through the entire power trip.
It’s just wrong.
Powell needs to go away for a long, long time.