Is William Lane Craig Afraid of John Loftus?

John Loftus, famous author (don’t forget to check out his book) and chief antagonist of the number one website on the internet Debunking Christianity recently found out that WLC is afraid to debate him:

I learned from DC member Darrin at the Carrier/Craig debate that Craig said he would not debate his former students. That’s what he said.

I am now classed with a group of people, i.e., the people comprised of his former students. And Dr. Craig says he will not debate anyone in that class of people. Okay, I guess. But given the fact that I’m probably the only member of this class of people who wants to debate him he might as well have said: “I will not debate John W. Loftus.”

Not only is WLC too frightened to debate Loftus, but apparently he has been since 1985:

While I was a student of his he said something I thought was odd at the time. This was back in 1985 at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He said “the person I fear debating the most is a former student of mine.” Keep in mind that Dr. Craig was on a High School debate team and has been debating these topics for probably just as long as I’ve been thinking about them. And he had only been teaching a few years before this to actually know of any student who might want to debate him. But that’s what he said. Again, he said “the person I fear debating the most is a former student of mine.”

He cannot deny saying this, and I don’t think he will.

Does he really fear me? I don’t know. But just maybe he does after all. He could change his mind though. I think a lot of people would be interested in this match-up.

Apparently being a “former student” of WLC’s includes being a current student of WLC’s. Either that or Loftus is lying. But since that is clearly implausible, what Craig meant by former student was just current student. This is further bolstered by what Debunking Christianity’s leading investigative reporter and Pulitzer prize winner “Darrin” uncovered in his interview with Craig. Follow the logic:

1) Craig will not debate former students.
2) Loftus is a former student.
3) Loftus is pretty much his only former student.
4) ????????
5) Craig is afraid of Loftus.
.: Profit.



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