I’ll be at the UW-Madison metaethics workshop this weekend. If you’re attending and what to meet up at some time, shoot me a message.

Also, I’m in the process of moving over to my own domain. I like some of the wordpress devkit tools and a friend hooked me up with some servage, so I just have to decide on a domain name and I’ll be gone from this particular site.


My Apologies…

…for being so invisible over the past few weeks. Brother’s wedding, a move to St. Louis, blah blah blah you get the picture. But I have more internet now than I could ever want.

I read a few books on my internet-free hiatus, and I’ll just note the gems:

Reading Lolita in Tehran

Make your jokes; I enjoyed it. She’s a good writer and recent upheavals in Iran caused me to buy some literature on the Middle East. If you want to understand what it is like to be a female academician in Iran, check it out.

Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose?

The history of final causes in the first half of the book is amazing. You kind of get the picture before he gives his own thoughts at the end which makes it a bit repetitious, but good nonetheless.

I finally made the leap…

From the horrid Bloglines to Google Reader. Constant bugs and strange coding issues nearly drove me off the cliff of insanity, but after some hours I was able to move my massive library of subscriptions over to the highly-functional Google utility. Good riddance.

Erik Satie

If you’ve never listened to the pianist Erik Satie, then you are missing out.

Try out his first Gymnopedie here.
Great background music if you are like that sort of thing while reading.

This made me laugh a little

From here:

I have just the Candide-ate for Surgeon General: Dr. Pangloss! What better choice for this age of “hope”?

This is too good to pass up


I’m trying this whole blogging thing…again. This is more of a place for me to put my thoughts down rather than some attempt at internet stardom. I’ll be keeping track of books I’m reading and the philosophical meat I can glean from them.

I hope I can keep the blog up, otherwise you may end up reading something productive.