GFP reading group

The paper is here; the discussion is over here.
I’ll be in St. Louis for the next few days (I’m pro-dating this post), so I’ll try to add some of my thoughts when I get back. Well, as long as I have any 🙂


GFP’s reading group

GFP is one of the premier philosophical stops on the internet, and hands down the single best discussion of free will on the web. They’ve kick-started their reading group with a piece by Mark Balaguer (you can find it here). Some rules:

Y’all will remember the format: a paper gets posted for your reading pleasure, then a commentator, well, comments, and finally we have a free-for-all careful discussion open to all.


Here’s here things will unfold. On June 9 I will post Mark’s paper (if you’re keen, you can find it yourself beforehand); within a week of that date I will post my comments and Mark’s response. Then we shall proceed in an orderly fashion to rip Mark to pieces offer constructive criticism.

The paper looks interesting and I plan to keep my blog updated with the discussion that takes place there.